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The team at the stuttering therapy center

Sabine Schütz

Head of the Stutter Therapy Center and the Speech Therapy Practice

· Founder of stuttering therapy
· State-approved speech therapist
· State-approved educator

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Sonja-Marie Schütz

· Academic Speech Therapist (B.Sc.)
  specialized in stuttering therapy
· Communication psychologist
  (FH Certificate)

Anette Kempf

· Industrial clerk
· Secretary

Responsible for all office processes and contact person for all organisational questions.

Lara Fischer

· Studied Academic Speech Therapist (B.Sc.)
· Currently intern

2019 Lara finishes her studies and writes her bachelor thesis about the D.E.L.P.H.I.N. Therapy. Lara Fischer is trained in this concept. She has stuttered herself and was in this therapy 8 years ago with her parents.

Marcus Schmidt

· Fitness and health trainers

Responsible for daily coordination training

Lisa Vath

· Fitness trainer

Responsible for daily coordination training

Karl-Ulrich Kempf

· Music teacher

Responsible for European Drums

Teresa Malczewski

· Trained masseuse

If desired, massages can take place in the therapy house, e.g. the Shiatsu method (unblocking) and the reflex zone massage.

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