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Stottertherapie nach Sabine Schütz

Documentary: To speak is to live

For a deeper insight into the therapy, you can watch the documentary film "Speak is Life" free of charge.

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Known from:

Known from numerous television programs and newspaper articles

stands for:

D – Deblocking impulse
E – Relaxation after Jacobson
L – Speech therapy
P – Patient-oriented
H – Audio perception training
I – Intensity
N – Nasal vibration accent

Sabine Schütz and
Sonja-Marie Schütz


The stuttering therapy is carried out by Mrs. Sabine Schütz, state-approved. Speech therapist and state-approved educator and Mrs. Sonja-Marie Schütz, academic. Speech therapist and communication psychologist in Bad Marienberg.


Outpatient intensive therapy for stutterers
after Sabine Schütz

Latest news

The health programme "Puls" of the Swiss broadcaster SRF reported on the D.E.L.P.H.I.N. Therapy  and on stuttering in general.


November 20, 2018

logo! meets children who can now speak easily thanks to stuttering therapy. How has their life changed?

October 22, 2018

The Rhein-Zeitung reports on the internationally published study of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, which was conducted by Prof. Dr. Keilmann, President of the German Society for Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology.

October 22, 2018

What former sufferers say

Thanks to the intensive therapy of Mrs. Schütz I can finally go stutter-free through life!
The location where the therapy takes place and the patients are accommodated is simply a paradise.

Steffen Uchiha

A speechless father and a talking son!
It is hard to put into words what you have done in this short time. Lennart leaves Bad Marienberg as a happy, self-confident young man and will remember you for the rest of his life!

Father of Lennart

You have given Basil the most beautiful gift there is: strengthened his self-esteem and made it possible for him to find his way to a fluent language, thus giving him a great joy for his whole life.

Mother of Basil

Simply ingenious,
that the Schützes' healed me.
Bye Stutter Monster!
I am blooming...

David S.

Those three weeks have changed my whole life. Thanks to Mrs. Schütz I can now speak without stuttering. We have all given everything.
It was here tt (totally great).
Many thanks to Mrs. Schütz.

Leon J. (10 years)

If there is a faith that can move mountains, it is the faith in one's own power... You have given our children that and the strength to stay with you and to speak without stuttering.
Thank you very much.

Uta J. (Leon's Mother)

Your "mill" is a place of strength, courage, confidence, vitality and joie de vivre, humanity and cheerfulness, understanding, harmony and last but not least faith "breath". What a happiness to know that something like this exists and that we were allowed to be here, what a happiness that you exist!

Mother of Aline

Garret and I thank you for the lovely time here at the mill. Thank you for always having the right words and encouragement at the right time. Not only Garret's speech has changed, I also take a lot of positive things with me.

Mother of Garret

I'm so glad we found you and came here to see you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your energy and protection that you give to the children, your sensitivity to take each child as it is, your patience with our children and us parents.


You can't imagine how happy and grateful I am to you. I like the environment very much, I like you and Sonja very much. I have found many friends. I will take a lot with me.

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