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Costs of stuttering therapy

The costs of the stuttering therapy will be covered by AOK Rheinland-Pfalz Saarland.

Costs that are not covered by your health insurance:

  • Accommodation and meals


For members of all other health insurance companies, starting in 2022 we offer the therapy only as a self-pay service.

Despite the scientific evidence provided by the prospective study of the Johannes Gutenberg University under the direction of Prof. Dr. Keilmann and a favourable opinion of the Medical Service, all other health insurance companies do not cover these therapy costs.

The reason for the refusal to cover the costs is that we, as speech therapists with health insurance approval, work differently than the catalogue of remedies for the disorder of stuttering provides. This catalogue provides that patients who stutter can see a speech therapist 1-2 times a week on an outpatient basis, which would be prescribed for life, since it is a chronically classified disorder.

In individual cases, it is possible to have the privately paid services reimbursed by the health insurance company afterwards. This is an individual negotiation between the patient and the health insurance company.

Therapy appointments

After your non-binding registration via our website, you will be invited to a diagnostic appointment at our therapy center.

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